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Fabulous Friday TV Show

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You Are Invited To Join Us For Our Fabulous Friday TV Show!
A place where you can come every Friday for a laugh, to vent, to learn and to be amazed by the experiences women share in our conversations. Come join us.
We're Talking Money, Money, Money! Women and Wealth...

Our Topic: Getting In Touch With Your Spiritual Being - Come Join Us!

We are exploring how to get in touch with our spirital side, that inner being that feeds our soul. Are you dedicating time, energy and focus to develop a deeper understanding and connection with your world? We have two guest speakers on board who will share their wealth of knowledge on this topic. Wallis Pattisonn, founder of the Age positive movement called Bold not Old and Anita Resinger, an Intuitive Guide and Happiness Coach. Come share with us or just join to listen. 

Watch Our Full Show Held On Fri 2nd April: 
Easter Traditions & Family Celebrations Worldwide

Come And Join Us For Some Hysterical Laughs...

There's a great gift waiting for you.

Every week we choose our topics from our life wheel and every week we take on of the segments of the Life Cycle and create a topic for our show. See This week's topic below.

Register now for this friday at 5pm South African time, 8am PST and 11am EST, USA.
We have an international group of women who are all keen to share, chat and laugh, come join us!

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3 Huge Reasons Why You Need Be At This Event!
Life can be a see-saw
Yes, life can be a see-saw but the secret is to know HOW to always stay Fabulous . It starts with some good laughs with good friends. 
It's a screaming match
Don't you find that everyone and everything is just screaming out at you - demanding, overwhelming foghorns? Well, here is some air time just for you.
TGIF Time To celebrate
It's time to celebrate the fabulous you - how are women doing this, or should I say ARE YOU doing it - come listen to the tales...
Who Are We?

Sherry Kallergis

Hello my name is Sherry Kallergis. I am founder of AT FORTY FIVE Magazine and Fabulous YOUniversity. My mission is to inspire you to step out of your circumstances, pivot to put yourself first and reconnect with the fabulous woman you are. It only took me fifty some years which was a crying shame. If only someone had let me in on why putting yourself first isn't selfish. Let's just say I wish I knew then what I know now.  I don't want you to waste a minute more so I am sharing my journey.  The Fabulous You is waiting to be celebrated . Start your weekend with some conversation, inspiration and laughs. Repeat after me... TGIF...  Thank God I'm Fabulous!   

Ann Marot

Hi my name is Ann Marot. I am the founder of Women Connect a membership site run by 18 international women (including Sherry Kallergis). I have owned my own marketing company for 23 years. My mission is to empower women. I believe that knowledge is power and my life story explains it all, and now its my mission and passion to help women connect with women and work together to bring change to the world. I am 60 years young and I don't want to waste another minute of my life wondering what it could be, I want to show you how it should be. I am the co-founder of Fabulous YOUniversity - I'm Fabulous, come be fabulous with me!
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