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“We Are Talking About Our Exciting 21 Day YOU Transformation; 
 Reconnect With The Fabulous You!
 Are You Ready To Be Refreshed?"

GEt 3 weeks of "YOU" education; Lessons, Exercises & Inspiration So Get Ready To make an investment in You That Delivers immense returns...

A Happy Fulfilled fabulous you

Your transformation will begin immediately when you register, so let’s do this….

This Challenge is designed to make you more aware

Of Who YOU Are And What Is Important To YOU So
 YOU Can Start On The Best Life Chapter Yet Of YOU! 

My Name Is Sherry Kallergis

This is my personal invite for you to join My Challenge Reconnect With Fabulous YOU so you can Live A More Fulfilled and Happy Life.
It took my daughter asking me a simple question, "What was my favorite color?" for me to realize I had spent decades ignoring "me" while I was growing my family and career. It started me on a four year (yes, I am a slow learner) journey to reconnect with who I was and what was important to me.

At a pivotal time in any woman's life when you contemplate the next stage "after kids, careers or any life-altering event", I came to realize reconnecting with who you are is key to living with intent and purpose while creating your best life yet.
This course will help you set aside time to contemplate YOU. There are guided activities and exercises that will cause you to reconnect with YOU, all the while motivating YOU to live each day with YOU front and center. 
It is time to be selfish and focus on YOU for a change.
Being selfish has got a bad rap. YOU being front and center is nothing to be afraid of. You CAN make incredible decisions. You CAN grow in new directions. You CAN change your life; to become more conscious about the type of person you are, and the type you want to be. So, take this next step. 
 You will feel more joy, happiness and fulfillment as you do the work to reconnect with the Fabulous YOU every day of the challenge. 
We know so much, but sometimes it is hard to take the first step or focus on the details. Sometimes it is the simple things holding you back...perhaps you are feeling overwhemed or lost, 
which is why


Here’s The TRUTH:

Moving on to living a rich and fulfilled life after spending your energy focusing on your children and/or career isn’t always easy.
In fact, trying to find your way can be quite challenging at times. But, you can’t let the difficult times get you down. You may have to think critically and creatively. You have to focus on YOU. Then you you can overcome the challenges that life throws at you.
Since I started doing my own challenge, I learned that finding time for myself doesn’t happen automatically. It’s not something I can fit into the schedule once and then have it repeat on auto pilot.
No, I’ve got to prioritize this time as I create a plan for my time. I’ve got to consistently make time for myself.
Fabulous YouNiversity, has helped me to figure out the fine line of keeping my family, work and what's important to me separate.  I know that I need and deserve time for me.
It’s a challenge.
There are women who try to do everything themselves but it just isn't easy to maintain.

Best Part?

Fabulous YOUniversity helped me to see that I am as important to me, as my family is to me.

In 21 Days You’ll Have Changed The Way You Do Things...

What if you had ALL your activities done, strategically, in just a few minutes per day? Well that’s what THIS challenge is designed to do!

Here’s How
It Works

Each day for the next 21 days...
I’ll send you a quick instruction video where I’ll challenge you to take just ONE quick action... And that’s it!
...and nope, it does NOT need to be perfect!

This is NOT going to be a


 Coaching course teaching how  to challenge yourself to a better way of life... 

Instead, we’re going to leverage your #1 secret (that took me years to
figure out), YOU, so you can go on to create a more happy and fulfilled life. All in three easy stages  

Who You WANT To Be

Objective :  Start up

Who You ARE

Objective :  Half Challenge

How You LIVE It 

Objective :  Complete Challenge

You’ll have 21 Days To Create The New You NOW IT'S UP TO YOU!

The Fabulous YOUniversity Course, "Reconnecting with the Fabulous You" is 21 days in total, or you could take longer, it's really up to you.
In the beginning you are going to have to think through the answers as these are not questions that you ask yourself every day. Don't give up as this will give you the foundation of what our objectives are and how we can help you with certain challenges that you face as you get older. The biggest problem we've found is that women think that they are alone in this process, we assure you that you are not!
These next 21 days are all about YOU - so if you think that you're worth it, keep at it right to the end. We believe that you're definitely worth it! YOU can make incredible decisions. YOU can grow in new directions. You can create a fabulous life.   

Here’s What You’ll Get With The 21 Day Reconnecting With The Fabulous You Challenge


21 Days ‘YOU’

We are with you every step of the way and at $27 this package is a steal as it's valued at...

$67 Value 


Your 21 Days

The workshop has been designed for you to re-discover who you are the book alone is valued at

$37 Value


Your ‘Tested and Perfected’ Plan

This daily/weekly  tested and perfected strategy that is worth the value of

$47 Value

A Happy And Fulfilled You

Our objective is for you to receive the ultimate which is happiness and fulfillment




Let Me Speak From Experience... 

Join The

Fabulous YouNiversity

21 Day Challenge

You could in the future, even make money out of your experience if you’re willing to put in the time and effort into this challenge. If you’re not sure if you can, just look at my videos where I explain how I didn't think it was possible either, but I overcame this as well and succeeded to change the way I see things.
If you are feeling like life has lost its verve, or are wallowing in life circumstances you can't control, don't despair. I didn't think overcoming life obstacles was possible either, but I reconnected with who I was and what I wanted. I succeeded in changing the way I see & do things. It opened the doors to the most amazing things. YOU can do it too. 
*Disclaimer: we do not promise that this course will change your life or lifestyle, we only promote the opportunity to partake in a course that provides you with guidelines to improve your life plannning and enhances your ability to make specific decisions that might lead you on a better path going forward.
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